How to Write a Mission Statement

How to Write a Company Vision Statement

How It Works

The Planning Boot Camp is organized by 12 major learning concepts.

  • 1
    The Integrated Planning Model
    The Integrated Planning Model is the basis for understanding how a successful business planning process fits together. The lack of this overarching model is the reason why most business plans fail. The Integrated Planning Model will help you understand the overall process to create business plans that work. The model will also help you explain the process to others in a concise and professional manner.

    In Concept #1 you will learn:

    • How the main components beyond the mission statement of business planning, from strategic planning to actions, fit together in a successful planning process.
    • The basics of putting the Integrated Planning Model into practice.
    • The key principles of integration that you will use throughout the planning process.

  • 2
    Your Role in Business Planning
    Concept #2 will give you an overview of your role in the business planning process, and when to employ the various tactics and techniques at your disposal.

    In Concept #2 you will learn:

    • An overview of the role of meetings, facilitation, and the various business planning documents.
    • How to ensure your internal clients' participation in the process, and their ownership and commitment to the plan.

  • 3
    The Practical Vision Statement
    Vision Statements are one of the most important components of a really good business plan. They are also the most overused, abused, and poorly written part of strategic planning you will ever see.

    In Concept #3 you will learn:

    • The principles of creating a practical, useful and compelling vision.
    • The components of a great vision statement.
    • Examples of the best and worst vision statements.
    • A step by step process to create a Practical Vision Statement in your company.

  • 4
    Strategic Imperatives
    Strategic Imperatives are the single most important aspect of the Integrated Planning Model. This is a new concept for most planners, and it's essential that you understand it, and learn how to put Strategic Imperatives into practice.

    In Concept #4 you will learn:

    • What Strategic Imperatives are, and why they are so important to successful strategic planning.
    • The principles of creating Strategic Imperatives with real world examples.
    • A step by step methodology to create Strategic Imperatives.

  • 5
    Operational Planning
    Operational Planning, its concepts and implementation are a large focus of the Business Planning Boot Camp, and must be an important focus for your planning work. The mistake that most organizations and planning consultants make is to focus on strategic planning only, and skip over operational planning; the result is usually a good strategy that is poorly executed.

    In Concept #5 you will learn:

    • What Operational Planning is, and how it fits into the broader Integrated Planning context.
    • How successful companies use operational plans to bridge the gap between strategy and execution.
    • How to create an operational plan in your company.

  • 6
    The Planning/Execution Gap
    Many firms seem to have all the right ingredients in place, including a sound strategy and operational excellence, yet somehow execution falls short. The Planning Boot Camp will help you strengthen your operational and strategic foundations to bridge the gap to deliver remarkable results.

    In Concept #6 you will learn:

    • How to identify the planning gap in your planning process.
    • The components of the gap, and how to address each component with a step by step approach.
    • How to improve the strategic and operational foundations to shrink the planning/execution gap.

  • 7
    The Seven Deadly Mistakes of Business Planning
    Reinforcing the concepts learned in the first 6 concepts, The Seven Deadly Mistakes of Business Planning will give you more real world examples to master the overall strategic planning and business planning processes.

    In Concept #7 you will learn:

    • At least seven mistakes that are being made by all but the most forward thinking companies.
    • How to use the concepts learned in The Business Planning Boot Camp to avoid making these mistakes.

  • 8
    Lessons Learned from Successful Companies
    Many important lessons have been learned along the way that you can use to navigate your own planning process.

    In Concept #8 you will learn:

    • The big advances in both strategic planning and general business planning in the past decade, and the important lessons learned as theory was put into practice.
    • How you can apply lessons from the biggest and best companies in your work.

  • 9
    Dynamic Business Planning
    By the end of Concept #8, you should have a good understanding of The Integrated Planning Model, all of its parts, and how to apply it. Dynamic Business Planning will help you take business planning to the next level and create a planning process that is truly leading edge.

    In Concept #9 you will learn:

    • The fundamentals of planning frequency and planning horizon.
    • The principle of diminishing detail in business planning.
    • How to make January 1st (or fiscal year end) just another day.
    • To establish a system of rolling business and financial plans.

  • 10
    Understanding Value Proposition
    Without a clearly articulated, well understood, statement of value proposition, it's impossible for a company to describe a compelling vision and strategy.

    In Concept #10 you will learn:

    • What a statement of Value Proposition is, and why it is vitally important to your business plan.
    • How to help understand and articulate your organization’s Value Proposition.
    • How the Value Proposition fits into the broader context of strategic planning.

  • 11
    Project and Action Planning
    This is the area of Planning where "the rubber hits the road."

    In Concept #11 you will learn:

    • How to ensure that action plans are tightly integrated with your organization’s overall business plan.
    • An easy to use model for understanding and assigning responsibility and accountability in action plans.
    • How to help staff create and integrate personal 90 Day Plans into the overall strategic planning and business planning processes.

  • 12
    Financial Planning
    You will add tremendous value by helping to ensure that the financial plan is tightly integrated with the rest of the business plan.

    In Concept #12 you will learn:

    • The key principles of Financial Planning integration
    • How to ensure the business plan isn't just "all about the numbers"


Peter has brought many fresh, new ideas to planning. His experience in turning the planning process into a management tool is well grounded in the reality of today's organization. His focus on linking strategy, plans and execution is key.

Bruce West
VP & Chief Financial Officer - Canada
Sun Life Financial

As an advisor to our strategic planning process, Peter Wright has helped us take a more practical approach to creating business plans that can be successfully executed and improve our results. We look forward to a long-term relationship with The Planning Group.

Paul Jones
Senior Vice President
Rogers Media Publishing
News and Business Group

Peter Wright's practical, no-nonsense style is exactly what we needed to rekindle our planning efforts, and create energy, focus, and a sense of urgency among the management team. Each member of the team came away from the process with a better appreciation for strategic thinking.

Hubert St. Onge

Just a quick note to express my thanks and appreciation for the enormous amount of time and effort that was put into the session yesterday. I believe it is one of the most positive and encouraging meetings that has taken place in my time at Equitable. The lunch, structure, and content of the meeting was excellent and worth its weight in gold. Many thanks.

Wendy Caya
Equitable Life Insurance Company

Hey Peter,
Just wanted to share with you: Been getting a number of staff walking by making comments about the workshop. We have created a great deal of excitement! Certain staff seem to be very pumped. A lot of great feedback about the workshop and how you conducted the sessions. Just wanted to let you know.

Vince Diruzza

Hi Peter,
Thanks for putting on the wonderful seminar! This initiative is a great undertaking and you did a fine job of delivering the message!


Hi Peter,
I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you both did this morning at the Workshop I attended. I found the information provided to be very helpful, and easy to understand and I really thought it was a great idea to have us broken down in to smaller groups. I am anxious to see the exciting changes that will be taking place! Great job!!!

Serena Cichocki

Just a note to say that I think the workshop was a success! Everyone I spoke with thought it was entertaining, professional and provided valuable information. A few said they were skeptical going in but were glad they went and look forward to more. Other comments were that it was about time... They also noted that the presentation was very well done.