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When you purchase The Planning Boot Camp you will also receive these 8 Skill Boosters that will round out your skills, and give you the confidence to get started.

  • The Role of Strategic Planning and Operational Planning Groups
  • Communication in Business Planning
  • Performing an Environmental Scan
  • Creating an Effective Target Setting Process
  • The Importance of Sign-Offs in Business Planning
  • The Concept of Strategic Planning Readiness
  • Challenging Underlying Assumptions
  • A Vision of Failure: How to Plan for the Worst

All the Tools and Templates you Need to be Successful

For a limited time you will also receive templates, diagrams, models, letters, reports, presentations, tools and other materials that you can lift right out of the package and start using right away.

I have even included a data CD in the package so you don’t need to retype anything. Everything you need is in the package!

Here are a just a few examples:

  • Business Plan Templates and Samples
  • Strategic Imperative template
  • Integrated Initiative list spreadsheet
  • Sample process explanation presentation for internal clients
  • Integrated Planning Model diagrams
  • Template for learning the Integrated Planning Model
  • Special report on the benefits of using the Integrated Planning Model
  • Sample engagement Kick-Off letters
  • PowerPoint to introduce others to The Practical Vision Statement
  • PowerPoint to introduce others to Strategic Imperatives
  • Diagram of the Planning/Execution Gap for use with internal clients
  • Business Planning Assessment Tool
  • Sample agendas for strategic planning meetings
  • Special report on breaking down operational silos
  • Accountability Model
  • Law of diminishing detail diagram
  • My Rolodex of Planning References

Free Planning Resources

Even if you choose not to purchase The Planning Boot Camp, please enjoy the following free articles.