Plan More Often - Strategic Planning

Executed properly, a quarterly or monthly planning process will actually consume less overall time, resources and effort than planning once a year.
Over time you will incorporate a greater degree of strategic thinking in the ongoing management of your business, and discover some other great benefits.

The Business Planning Boot Camp package is focused on proper strategic business planning. Seeing as this is such a vital part of running any successful business, let us fill you in on some of the benefits you have to gain by planning more often.

Benefits of Planning More Often

As mentioned above, there are a number of benefits your company has to gain from strategic business planning, and the more you plan, the better off your company will be. Some of the benefits of planning more often are:

  • The expectation of brief, regular planning helps keep planning work grounded, practical and honest. Vague, motherhood statements are virtually eliminated after a couple of quarters of strategic review.
  • Leaders and employees become better strategic thinkers with ongoing exposure to planning.
  • The quality of your plan and its usefulness as a management tool dramatically improves after a few quarters.
  • Detailed budgets, and action plans need only be articulated one or two quarters in advance, and linked to your longer term strategies. Why waste valuable time creating details for a world you know is going to look very different 12 to 24 months out?

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Most importantly, the very practice of business planning becomes more familiar, and less of a chore. And of course, the process is more powerful when your frequent planning is tightly linked with regular reviews of results.

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