Business Planning Boot Camp


Is Just the Beginning. Go Beyond Vision, Mission Statment, Values, and Strategy to Create a Business Planning Process that Drives Action, Execution…and Real Results
  • Strategic Planning Training

    The Planning Boot Camp allows you to learn how to create and implement a leading edge business planning process in your organization.

  • Leading Edge Process

    The process goes beyond mission and values to integrate all planning levels with performance measurement in a rolling process.

  • Highly Effective Plans

    All this training and process will teach you to put a process and place and give you the tools to create more credible, measurable, effective plans.

  • Everything To Get Started

    We provide you not only the key learning concepts, but also all the tools, templates, diagrams and presentations for you to implement effective plans quickly.

Is Strategic Planning and Business Planning Part of Your Job?

Are your company’s targets growing faster than your strategy can keep pace? Do you need a breakthrough in growth and profitability? Do you ever hear comments like these in your organization?
  • "Our strategic planning process consumes too much time and resources, without commensurate results."
  • "Our good ideas don’t seem to go anywhere."
  • "We have a strategy, and lots of projects going on, but they don’t seem to be connected."
  • "Major change is forcing us to step back and recast our strategic plan."
  • "We don’t have a cohesive strategy that managers and employees can get behind."
  • "We chronically miss our growth targets."
  • "Our strategic plan and actions seem to be disjointed."
  • "We are not an innovative company."
  • "Our CEO and senior leaders are good operators, but they need to be more strategic."
  • "We have a key issue that has been analyzed to death, but we never execute against it."

Breakthrough performance starts in the executive offices with a clear strategy, yet 90% of employees don’t understand their company’s strategy, and 95% of companies don’t execute their strategic plan successfully.

Creating a compelling, executable business plan is the single most important thing that any organization can do. Yet, business planning never seems to get done right. The problem is that most organizations plan in an ad hoc manner, so they get poor results. To be successful, you need a deliberate process, and the discipline to follow through.

With the Planning Boot Camp, you will help your firm go beyond the standard "vision, mission and values" to achieve real results through the practical application of strategic planning and operational planning.

Business Planning

Boot Camp is an intensive, hands-on learning program designed to help you, help your company be more successful.

In 15 years of developing business plans with North America’s largest companies, I have created many successful tools, models, and practices that you can use to improve the quality of your planning process, and your plans.

This is not business planning for dummies! This is a comprehensive, leading edge business planning program for professionals responsible for strategic planning, and business planning.

Designed for Independent Learning, The Business Planning Boot Camp is specially designed for independent learning, and my primary objective is that you start using these new skills in your work as quickly as possible.

This comprehensive business planning process is broken down into 12 key concepts that you will employ in a step-by-step fashion. To help you master the program quickly, the key concepts in the package are presented in 3 different ways:

Written documentation in 12 chapters
PowerPoint slides divided into 12 presentations
Of Planning Boot Camp training sessions